It’s Vital That Lawyers Leverage Content To Support Their Disciplines

Kowledge power


As a lawyer, the concept of content marketing may be a little foreign to you. This is understandable since your training and main professional discipline involves law and not marketing.

Whether you specialize in estate planning, elder law or family law, the bottom line is you’re not alone when it comes to understanding why it’s vital to use content marketing to promote your practice. In fact, this is true not only in law but in other types of business.

With the increasing number of Baby Boomers, all three of the legal disciplines mentioned above are showing tremendous growth. According to the .Jun 25, 2015, U.S. Census Bureau estimates the population of Baby Boomers is 75.4 million.

Content, or inbound marketing, offers many advantages, the first being the low-cost vs. the cost of outbound marketing. Inbound marketing, also known as pull marketing, delivers useful information plus offers such as e-books, research reports, and guides. This helps to promote a law practice and attract clients.

Content Marketing Tools

We recommend blogging, article publishing, search engine optimization and social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. On LinkedIn and Facebook, take advantage of creating a business page and a personal page, which gives you the ability to cross promote. Include the follow us social media icons on your website and invite people to join you.

Blog and article topics should include a mix of new or existing services you offer, a capsule of your latest success stories in general terms, new laws that affect your target market, the importance of trusts, healthcare changes, assisted living vs. aging in place, and the importance of updating wills.

Additionally, targeted health, exercise, and diet related topics are always of interest.

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