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Crafting Your Client Friendly Bio



You want to fill your practice with clients that are the right fit for you and having a Client Friendly Bio will help you to do that.  A Client Friendly Bio lets your prospective clients learn about you as well as help them to decide if you are the right lawyer for them.  Answer these 3 questions and you can craft a Client Friendly Bio that will attract your ideal clients.

  1. Why did you choose this specific kind of law to work in?
  2. What is your personal connection that caused you to choose this field?
  3. How do your clients benefit from working with you?


They seem easy enough to answer right?  Before you answer them though I want you to think about your ideal client avatar, visualize who they are and why they need you and then I want you to answer these questions as if you were them.  The idea is not to sound stiff and business like and fill your bio with a lot of legal jargon, but to let your personality shine through so the prospective client can relate and understand why YOU are the right lawyer for them!

With Love & Best Wishes Always!



Attracting the Clients You Want to work with.

Creating Your Ideal Client Avatar


Before you can fill your practice with your ideal clients you need to figure out EXACTLY who your ideal clients are.  Creating your client avatar is a great way to do that.  This is geared mainly towards law practices, but a lot of the questions can be used for just about any type of service professional.  Once you have answered these questions and really know what your client avatar looks like it will make it easier to design a targeted marketing plan so that you can reach these clients.

Attract the clients you want to work with in your practice.

These questions will help you to get a clear idea of the type of client you want to work with.  You need to get as specific as you can with your answers.

  1.  Who are you focused on reaching?  Do you want to work with individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profit groups?
  2.  What kind of people are they?  Are you going to focus on a specific gender, geographic location or economic background? Does it matter if they own a home, or rent, are single, married or divorced?
  3.  What are they most worried about before they meet with you?
  4.  What is keeping them up at night?
  5. What is the ideal outcome of their work with you?  If you hit a home run with your client, what is that outcome?  What emotions does the client feel when they have successfully worked with you?
  6.  Why do you serve this group of people? What is your personal reason  or story that makes you want to work specifically with this group?

With Love & Best Wishes Always!